Sngular Committed To Blockchain As A ‘Silent Broker’

Sngular is software developer website, making an important effort of dissemination of blockchain, as emerging latest technology news in software development that may contribute to disruptive changes in the way to operate, work and communicate from companies and institutions. For the multinational, an opportunity to address the digital transformation of the organizations.

Nktsoft informs that Blockchain is a great opportunity for those companies that are already addressing their digital transformation that, as explained by Javier Martin, director of open innovation of Sngular, “allows disintermediation many processes which so far were tedious and” inefficient, to facilitate collaboration between various actors and companies creating an environment for software development of trust between companies that do not know each other. It is a ‘silent intermediate’ which gives organizations of transparency and confidence they need for their operations and processes”.

Martin, who coordinates the Observatory Blockchain Sngular, just participate in the course “Unblockingchain Summer: decoding the string of blocks,” organized by the University of Malaga and Andalusia’s technological park.

During his speech, Javier Martin reviewed concrete technology utilities that streamline the implementation of new initiatives in the digital realm. At this point highlighted tokens, which allow you to create, for example, for clients or employees, or the smart contracts incentive schemes, which will facilitate the automation of many of the processes that are currently performed in-house little efficiently.


Blockchain Enterprise

Companies are already exploring how to apply the technology, but “it is time to take advantage of it and begin to develop initiatives,” said Antonio Sotomayor, director of the blockchain of the Sngular team, and he was also rapporteur on the course.

And for their deployment in the enterprise, the point of view of Sngular considers that blockchain permissive networks will be critical or private, arising from the need to combine the principles of reliability, transparency and decentralization of technology blockchain with the requirements of the business world regarding privacy of the transactions, the node access control and participating, sustainable performance and subject to the various existing regulations.

In this way, according to Sotomayor, “a group of companies can join in a consortium that manages a network blockchain permissive, keeping each of them one or several nodes and delegating the need for trust between them to the execution of non-reprehensible processes in the blockchain”.

To ensure that these networks, despite being permissive, maintain their characteristics of reliability and decentralization, the team of Sngular aims to enhance these blocks chains linking them to the public network from Ethereum. Using this ‘anchor to public networks’ techniques, companies exploiting private blockchain can offer a public validation of the immutability of its chain of blocks, increasing transparency and confidence provided by your system, while maintaining high performance and cost of a consortium blockchain saving. More information at

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