Scandit raised 30 M$ to simplify the connection of things IoT

The Internet of things is expanding, whether it’s the opening of platforms, systems security, standardization or fundraising as that achieved by the start-up Scandit. Here’s the latest technology news in software development from the world of IoT.

500 million ZigBee chips have already been sold around the world, and with the rapid development of the IoT, Zigbee plans to sell 3.8 billion by 2023.

Among the┬álatest news in software development, actors of the Internet of things, last month, the scan/barcode solution, computer vision, and augmented reality Scandit seems to have convinced to venture capitalists as GV, NPM Capital, Atomico. During a round of series B, the start-up has managed to raise $ 30 million that add up to 13 million dollars raised during a previous fundraising. Scandit aims “to simplify common IoT objects to the Internet connection”, by taking advantage of the near-universal deployment of smartphones and their built-in cameras. The idea is to integrate information from scanners and cameras in a “software-based data capture engine” for processing and standardization, the objective is to facilitate the integration of information from of these devices to the various databases and business applications.

Black Hat 2018: alert on vulnerabilities of the IoT

Security experts warn against the vulnerabilities of the IoT. This caveat is not new, but the latest alert was launched at the Black Hat Security conference that took place from 4 to 9 August in Las Vegas. The largest global security professionals have repeated on this occasion that IoT unsecured devices always a threat on a large scale to networks around the world. In particular, they much insisted on the lack of security at the level of the endpoints, such as security cameras. In 2016, Mirai attacks had transformed cameras badly secured by powerful botnet networks. The exponential growth of new gadgets IoT represents a prime target for malicious hackers.

Wireless modem-to-end network and ZigBee all-out

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Last week, Digi International announced the launch of a new range of wireless for the IoT devices modems, known as Digi XBee3 Cellular. In view of their very small size – 13mm x 19mm – they can equip small appliances at the network edge. They are compatible ZigBee and with other standards based on the standard 802.15.4, DigiMesh and Bluetooth the. Digi offers free setup XCTU software to easily set up a network of devices using the XBee3. Digi said that its modules will be certified NB – IoT – IoT narrowband – in October, which means that they can equip devices using the standard.

Hardly the results of its investigation, the consortium responsible for the standard ZigBee wireless for the IoT has announced that 500 million ZigBee chips had been sold worldwide. Study ON World market, specializing in 802.15.4 standards office (ZigBee, WirelessHART, ISA100.11a and a host of other personal networks to low flow), said that Zigbee plans to sell 3.8 billion chips by 2023. The standard is very represented in home smart home automation devices. According to the researchers ON World, more than a third of these smart home automation networks wireless sensors are powered by ZigBee.

Schneider Electric is changing its open platform

The manufacturer of equipment for the building, Schneider Electric has recently introduced the new generation of its open framework called EcoStruxure Building for IoT implementations. This software platform allows the sensors and controllers communicate with each other, even in the context of complex construction and large projects involving a more or less large number of connected devices. EcoStruxure Building is also able to back up the data from these sensors to an analysis back-end product called Building Advisor. The tool can perform complex analyses and the assistance of data scientists remotely to reduce energy use or anticipate problems that could meet with residents of these homes.

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