Edge, AI and blockchain: software development environment with VMware

Among the software development news and projects in VMware, three programs have particularly caught our attention, namely: Dimension for the computing edge, Magna for AI and Concord to blockchain.

During the latest VMworld in Las Vegas (August 26 to 30), nktsoft.com followed the presentation, where VMware introduced in Preview 3 nominees projects Project size (Edge computing), Magna (AI) Project and Project Concord (company blockchain). Here they are in detail.
Project size: the service managed on the outskirts
This first project’s ambition to wear offers managed service of VMware cloud features on the outskirts. Project Dimension will combine elements of VMware Cloud Foundation – including services defined by software for processing, storage, network and security, more cloud management capabilities – in a hyperconvergé form factor exploited by VMware. As VMware Cloud on AWS manages the infrastructure of a client in the Amazon cloud, Project Dimension can manage the data center on a customer site and sites on the outskirts, both branches as storage sites. “It’s a complete VMware environment from end to end,” said about this Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, during his keynote. “Project Dimension takes the full stack of VMware Cloud Foundation and makes it available in the cloud, on the outskirts, and on site”. The equipment will be hosted on sites on the outskirts, a location that could be of interest to companies wishing to run workloads locally for reasons of performance, cost, or availability.
The hardware developed in partnership with Dell EMC and Lenovo will automatically connect to VMware Cloud and be self-configuring from his installation on the customer’s site. “Project Dimension brings the simplicity of VMware Cloud on the periphery,” said Ray O’Farrell, CTO of VMware, during this same keynote. “The service has now been extended to the infrastructure, data center and the periphery, and it is possible to manage this infrastructure in the same way. VMware will support the infrastructure management, troubleshooting, application of patches and maintenance. “We directly monitor your infrastructure”, said Mr. O’Farrell. If VMware automatically detects a problem – a network connectivity unstable in the network of the warehouse, for example – the system will generate a service request. “The customer has visibility into what is happening, but VMware managed service supports the problem instead.
Magna project: AI for virtual infrastructure
Also under development, the purpose of Project Magna is to take advantage of the artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a virtual infrastructure to this optimisation. The applied learning by strengthening data center environments to improve performance and efficiency. According to VMware, “Magna Project allows to connect the dots between the huge sets of data and offer visibility in depth on the stack, as well at the level of application code of the software and hardware of the public cloud infrastructure and the. periphery”, said Mr. O’Farrell. “Magna Project relies on hundreds of checkpoints to optimize infrastructure in function of indicators of cost, performance, and user-specific policies”.

VMware showed how Project Magna could learn and understand the behavior of applications, and then use this knowledge to model, test and reconfigure a network – by choosing a more optimal network frame size – to improve performance. “Used in this way, machine learning and AI can automatically change the way data centers are automated,” said Mr. O’Farrell. “The goal is to arrive at a complete automation of the infrastructure, to allow the company to focus on applications that truly meet their needs.
Project Concord: a VMware version blockchain
Project Concord aims to help businesses achieve their goals of block chain. The project is now available as open source. “Blockchain appeared in the data centers of business workloads”, said Mr. O’Farrell. “More and more companies are interested in the block chain to implement smart contracts and digital consensus solutions. This technology is actually in train, or could play a critical role in how companies interact with each other.” You can define Project Concord as a scalable, energy-efficient and decentralized trust for the digital consensus infrastructure and intelligent execution of contracts. Project Concord can power distributed trust infrastructure, chains of blocks in particular.
The idea of VMware is to build additional items more focused on the company – as the capacity of audit and compliance, security and fault tolerance, and integration with other VMware offers – around the engine of consensus Project Concord for the sharing of reliable information between companies. “It is not just another mode of implementation of the block chain. We want to make sure it is really adapted to the companies. The project targets the performance and scalability,”said Mr. O’Farrell. “It takes sometimes more than 80 days to execute algorithms of consensus on common infrastructure widely used for the block chain. The Concord project to do the same thing in two and a half hours”.

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