BioGoggles provides easy analysis and visualization of your multivariate data. Automatic calculation of p-values and ROC areas for each variable. Scatter, Box-Whisker and ROC plots. Principal Component Analysis and 3D plot

The purpose of BioGoggles is to help discover biomarkers  BioGoggles enables visualization of data set with many variables and items and serves as a good starting point for filtering out interesting variables.

In principle BioGoggles can be used to analyze other sources of multivariate data as long as the input data conforms to this data set format.

General workflow

  1. Import a data set. The input data set must be in table form were variables are columns and items are rows. Currently, BioGoggles support import of comma or tab delimited text files (csv and txt format) either from file or clipboard. The variables must be numeric. Group and name variables can be in text format. Typically one column will contain the name of the items and another column contains the group or class information such as “cancer” or “normal” or “A”,  “B”  and “C”.
  2. Define the data range.
  3. Optionally define the column that contains group or class  information
  4. Optionally define the column that contains the item names.
  5. Select the Statistics View. Inspect each variable independently.
  6. Select PCA to visualize combinations of variables that separate the data well
  7. Export the most significant variables (columns) for further classification and rule building.