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    Sngular Committed To Blockchain As A ‘Silent Broker’

    Sngular is software developer website, making an important effort of dissemination of blockchain, as emerging latest technology news in software development that may contribute to disruptive changes in the way to operate, work and communicate from companies and institutions. For the multinational, an opportunity to address the digital transformation of the organizations. Nktsoft informs that Blockchain is a great opportunity for those companies that are already addressing their digital transformation that, as explained by Javier Martin, director of open innovation of Sngular, “allows disintermediation many processes which so far were tedious and” inefficient, to facilitate collaboration between various actors and companies creating an environment for software development of trust between…

  • worldoflot

    Scandit raised 30 M$ to simplify the connection of things IoT

    The Internet of things is expanding, whether it’s the opening of platforms, systems security, standardization or fundraising as that achieved by the start-up Scandit. Here’s the latest technology news in software development from the world of IoT. 500 million ZigBee chips have already been sold around the world, and with the rapid development of the IoT, Zigbee plans to sell 3.8 billion by 2023. Among the┬álatest news in software development, actors of the Internet of things, last month, the scan/barcode solution, computer vision, and augmented reality Scandit seems to have convinced to venture capitalists as GV, NPM Capital, Atomico. During a round of series B, the start-up has managed to…

  • VMware

    Edge, AI and blockchain: software development environment with VMware

    Among the software development news and projects in VMware, three programs have particularly caught our attention, namely: Dimension for the computing edge, Magna for AI and Concord to blockchain. During the latest VMworld in Las Vegas (August 26 to 30), nktsoft.com followed the presentation, where VMware introduced in Preview 3 nominees projects Project size (Edge computing), Magna (AI) Project and Project Concord (company blockchain). Here they are in detail. Project size: the service managed on the outskirts This first project’s ambition to wear offers managed service of VMware cloud features on the outskirts. Project Dimension will combine elements of VMware Cloud Foundation – including services defined by software for processing,…